Student Council

Student Council


The DIS Student Council is an organization run by DIS students for DIS students. It is led by student officers who are elected annually by a cross-division ballot. These officers are assisted by a team of volunteers, who are also appointed annually, to form the Student Council. The Student Council organizes a number of events each semester to help DIS students adjust to university life and to enhance their experience at Hanyang. These events include memberships training, DIS day, and the graduation banquet.

Main functions of the Student Council:

  • The Planning Team proposes and organizes DIS programs.
  • The Management Team maintains the conditions of the facilities and programs.
  • The Accounting Team organizes the annual budget and conducts financial evaluation.
  • The Information Team informs students about news and events and receives feedback.

Student Council Facilities:

Students’ Lounge (2nd Floor):
The Students’ Lounge serves as a place to study, relax, meet and interact with DIS students. The lounge features:

  • Wireless Internet Access
  • Area partitioned for Group Discussions and Meetings
  • Brochures, Flyers, and other University life resource materials
  • Relaxing Area with T.V & Games

Study Room (4th Floor):

The Study Room provides a study space for DIS students throughout the year and opens from 9 a.m to 10 p.m.. During the exam week, folding beds are available for students who want to study overnight.

Computer Lab (4th Floor):

The Computer Lab is equipped with computers, high-speed internet access, and laser printers. The lab contains common software applications used for word processing, spreadsheets and publishing, and presentations.