Interview with Sarah Hyun-Young (Samsung Reporters)

Interview with Sarah Hyun-Young (Samsung Reporters)

  1. How did you come across this experience?

I actually came across it while going through Instagram. Young Samsung put up an advertisement regarding their program and I saw it on my way to work on the subway. When I saw it, though, I had about 6 hours left until the deadline and so I ran home after work to film a quick one-minute introduction video to apply.

  1. Tell us about the program.

There’s so much to say about the program but its main purpose is to cultivate contents creators. That includes video editing, reporting, writing journals and making card news. We were given three different tasks during the 6-month period of the program and we had the option to choose between the previously mentioned options of contents. Excluding the main purpose of the program, there’s just so much to do such as networking and having the opportunity to go abroad as a reporter representing Samsung.

  1. What motivated you to join the program?

I joined the program because I began having interest in video editing a few months before the application started. While taking an elective course I realized my passion for video editing and I wanted an opportunity to expand my knowledge in the field. Then I coincidentally came across the Young Samsung advertisement and thought this was the perfect opportunity.

  1. What was the preparation and application process?

Like I mentioned, I didn’t have much time to prepare because I didn’t know about the program until about 6 hours before its application deadline. In order to apply, I had to answer two questions regarding business and economics and create a 1-minute video introducing myself. I honestly didn’t prepare much because I didn’t have enough time but I definitely tried my best to include all the positive aspects of myself in that introduction video.

  1. What were some activities you participated in?

There were many activities that were provided by Young Samsung but I wasn’t able to participate in most of them due to my schedule. I was able to participate in the monthly conferences hosted by Young Samsung and of course the opening ceremony and the completion ceremony that lasted two days each. Also, I had the great opportunity to participate in starring for a set video content in Young Samsung called 지식플러스. There were so many other activities such as tickets to soccer games and operas that I regrettably wasn’t able to participate in.

  1. What was the best part of the program? The worst?

The best part of the program was the people. I was able to meet amazing people, especially my team members, the Samsung chiefs and Cheil Worldwide Pros. They were extremely supportive and always tried to find the best way to give us a perfect experience during the 6 months. I think the worst part was doing the tasks itself. Through the program I learned the hard work that goes into editing a short 4-minute video and the difficulties of making it happen from planning, requesting for interviews and re-editing according to the feedback that we received. Since it was my first time “professionally” editing videos, I had a very difficult time. However, now that I look back at it, I think through those hardships I was able to learn and grow a lot in terms of video editing.

  1. Would you recommend this to your friends or other students?

Yes, I strongly recommend this program to everyone. Since only university students are eligible to apply, I think everyone should take this chance and not hesitate to apply. Although it was a long and at times stressful 6 months, there was so much that I learned about myself through this program. Also, meeting people through Young Samsung is a big networking opportunity because the other reporters are so talented and you get to meet people that already have experience in the field. I would recommend this to anyone that has even the smallest interest in content creating.

Sarah currently runs a vlogging channel on Youtube, Sarahlog, and is planning to go on exchange to Germany this September.


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