Reflections on my student life (Taeyoung Jung)

Reflections on my student life (Taeyoung Jung)

My name is Taeyoung Jung, and I am a junior student in the Division of International Studies. Through this blog post I’ll give you a brief summary of my experiences in the DIS.

One of the main events everyone at Hanyang University is thrilled about are festivals. Hanyang University has one of the best festivals in Seoul, inviting major artists and having booths where people gather and talk with their friends.

The DIS has different clubs. The one that I enjoyed the most was FCDIS. This is our department’s soccer team and the best part is that the alumni have their own soccer games every Sunday. They are more than glad when current students to come play with them.

One of the most memorable events for me was meeting two Noble Peace Laureates, Mr. Akira Kawasaki and Mr. Tilman Ruff, both of whom came to Korea to give peace talks about the dangers of nuclear weapons at the World Knowledge Forum and Hanyang University. I was able to meet such innovative and outstanding people and talk about the dangers of nuclear weapons when I met them.

Another event I participated in was community service. We went to Buangun with other DIS students to teach English. It was a great opportunity to meet new people and get closer with different people from our division. I believe such events are great opportunities to meet senior students and get closer with them. I got to meet students from the class of 2019 during this event and still maintain a great relationship with them. Last but not least, I got to experience a new event that made me reflect on what I wanted to do in my future.

The DIS is a great major to meet new people and participate in different events. However, it is up to students to take advantage of the opportunities they are presented with. Throughout my three years of university, I can proudly say I’ve learned so much and met great people, and I will continue to participate in events planned by the DIS office.

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