Recent Activities of the FC DIS

Recent Activities of the FC DIS

Hi, my name is Jae Yeon Lee, the captain of FC DIS for the fall semester, 2019! Helping me lead the team is vice-captain Jun Suk Hong.

As you may already know, FC DIS has been one of the longest clubs in the department, since its first meeting in 2004 when our senior’s first started the football team. Since then, the club has been very popular in our department. Even today, members of FC DIS, meet with seniors who were previous members of the team to play football as well as futsal. The members are also allowed to join this group later on as they become seniors and graduate. For the men, it is the opportunity to play the sport that they are enthusiastic about as well as an opportunity to meet seniors and juniors who are hard to befriend on a day to day basis.

Now, let us tell you about the matches we have played this semester!

  1. In the second semester, we participated in the Fall Sports Day that was held by the University Student Council.
  2. On October 1st, 2019, the games started at the round of 32 where we faced 노다지, a team from a different major. Thanks to our hard-working teammates who gave their 120%, we won 3-2 and advanced to the round of 16. The goal scorers of this game were Ik Joo Yoo and myself.
  3. In the round of 16, which was held on the 4th of October 2019, we played against R.왕십리드. We fought hard until the end. The final score was 0:0 but unfortunately, lost in the penalty shoot-out. That concluded our Fall Sports Day competition.
  4. Our next game was held on October 5th, 2019. We organized a friendly match against 국제한국학과 in Seogang University. Thanks to the team from Seogang University, who kindly reserved their field, we were able to play at their University and expressed our gratitude by purchasing water and energy drinks for the whole team.   The game did not start as smoothly as we had hoped it would. However, the entire team was motivated to show the other team how good we were and bounced back from being down by two goals to eventually win 5:4. The goal scorers of this game were Ik Joo Yoo, Won Woo Choi and myself.

Upcoming Matches:

  1. The captains of the DIS community, which includes Yonsei, Hanyang, Kyunghee, and Korea University, have discussed another DIS Cup in November after all our midterm exams. The date has been set to November 9th, 2019 at Yonsei University at the International Campus. Our team is aiming for our 2nd consecutive DIS cup!
  2. This semester, we plan to play as many friendly games, not only with Hanyang University students, but also with students from different schools. By contacting friends who are in different universities who are part of the football team, we plan to organize more games to improve ourselves and become more competitive in the year 2020.

Those who are interested and passionate about football, sports or finding the opportunity to meet with seniors and alumni of our department are welcome to try out for the FC DIS. We hope this has sparked your interest and look forward to hearing from you in the near future! FC DIS 화아팅!!

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