Ha Seung Joo is accepted into Harvard University

Ha Seung Joo is accepted into Harvard University

The DIS is pleased to announce that one of its recent graduates, Ha Seung Joo (Christine Ha), was recently accepted into Harvard University to pursue a Master’s degree in Education. The faculty and staff of the DIS proudly recognize Seung Joo’s accomplishments and academic excellence during her undergraduate studies and wish her well in the next phase of her academic career.

In the paragraphs below, Seung Joo describes her Master’s program in more detail, her research interests, and how the DIS has helped to prepare her for her studies.

Program Description:

The Master’s in Education in Prevention Science and Practice (PSP) is a yearlong intensive program that centers on the study of risk factors and protective influences during early childhood and adolescence. Students will learn about at-risk children and youth in the context of schools and communities and receive the opportunity to design their own strengths-based interventions in their areas of interest. A central feature of the PSP program is an applied practicum, either field or research based, that runs throughout the entire year, where students will be able to apply what they’ve learned in the classroom to real-world settings.

My Research Interests:

In the PSP Program, I plan to pursue my research interests in risk and resilience during childhood, with a focus on the factors affecting mental health, child psychopathology, and social-emotional development. In particular, I would like to understand the role of social-cultural context in increasing children’s resiliency while lowering their vulnerability when presented with developmental difficulties. As part of the Prevention Practice strand of the program, I aim to design strengths-based interventions for children who are at risk for mental health issues, and ones that will assist in their development of social-emotional competencies.

How the DIS has prepared me for graduate studies:

A significant merit of the DIS program at Hanyang University lies in its interdisciplinary nature. While in this program, I gained broad exposure to a variety of subjects in the social sciences and humanities. Accumulating knowledge in a myriad of fields enabled me to approach issues from multiple angles, and to scrutinize those lying within my own culture from a more objective stance. Such knowledge and skills that I have been equipped with will serve me well at graduate school, especially given that the field of prevention science is also interdisciplinary.

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