Special lecture by Simon Bureau (Chairman of Canadian Chamber of Commerce)

Special lecture by Simon Bureau (Chairman of Canadian Chamber of Commerce)

Simon Bureau, Chairman of Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Korea, came to Hanyang University on May 2, 2012 to give a special lecture to the Department of International Studies. Mr. Bureau is from Montreal, Canada and is the founder and CEO of a private consulting firm, Vector. He is also the author of Global Business Mind-Set. The term “MIND-SET” stands for: Mobility, Independence, Novel approach, Diversity, Hyphen (looking for values of links), Situation awareness, Equality (creating equal relationships) and Two-way street (two-way business deals). Like his book, Mr. Bureau’s lecture was intended to give direction to students in developing a global career.

He began the presentation by asking students questions such as, “What makes you get up in the morning?” “Who are you?” and “Where do you want to be?” The reason he asked students these questions was to emphasize the fact that it is not important what one wants to do; what is important is rather how it is done. According to Mr. Bureau, the only thing that limits people from reaching their goals is imagination, determination, and focus. He further explained that when developing a global career one must…

• Sharpen one’s analytical skills and articulate presentation skills
• Become an autonomous and creative problem solver
• Gain confidence by understanding one’s role and not being afraid to take a stand
• Set oneself apart from others
• Develop the ability to adjust to a new environment quickly

Mr. Bureau’s last piece of advice to the group of students was to L.T.C., which means, Leave The Country because “Korea is great, but experience new countries and merge in new cultures and ideas.”

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