Message from the Dean

Message from the Dean

If internationalization is a phenomenon associated with a quantitative increase in interactions and exchanges between nation-states, globalization is a process that has more fundamentally affected our lives and led international society to rise to a new dimension. Korea must adapt to the new global trend wherein domestic issues are inevitably tied to global issues such as international politics, the global economy, and climate change. We have recently witnessed a number of phenomena that require a reassessment of certain aspects of globalization. Clashes of civilization are intensifying while protective trade policy has reappeared.

Furthermore, we are witnessing the possible re-emergence of the Cold War among the United States, China, and Russia. The Korean peninsula is a region where both the Old and Recent Cold War rivalries have unfolded and core interests of the superpower nations have intersected. Therefore, Korea, which faces the challenge of building an advanced democracy and innovative economic structure as well as accomplishing the goal of reunification, needs talented professionals and experts with a global sensibility and international skills to lead the nation through this turbulent era. Moreover, due to declining growth potential and contracting global trade, fully opening Korea’s service sector now has become inevitable. Hence, we need a new international studies education that is different from the existing ones.

The Division of International Studies (DIS) at Hanyang University is established to foster talented individuals with creative minds, English language proficiencies, multidisciplinary knowledge, and practical problem-solving skills. Our students who will become experts serving the public and private sectors as key members of international and national organizations are learning from and with the distinguished faculty of the DIS.

The DIS program at Hanyang University is designed so that students receive in their first two years training in the humanities to enhance their critical thinking, writing, and presentation skills. During their third and fourth year students specialize in either International Politics and Law or Global Business and Economics. In addition, the DIS program provides opportunities for professional training and extracurricular learning through club and society activities, special lectures and seminars, international internship programs, and overseas exchange programs.

Turn Your Dreams into Global Opportunities with the DIS!

Gu Ho Eom,
Dean, Division of International Studies