Joyce Lee wins a scholarship to Fordham Law School

Joyce Lee wins a scholarship to Fordham Law School

The DIS is very pleased to announce that Joyce Lee, who graduated from the DIS last year, is on her way to New York City to study law at Fordham University. In this brief post, Joyce explains her career decisions for the benefit of other DIS students who might be interested in following a similar path.

Why Law?

While in university, I was active in women’s rights advocacy and volunteered at the YWCA. Working with the NGO led me to witness and realize how the law plays a critical role in all possible intersections of society. Coincidentally, I was also taking DIS’s International Law course at the time and found it fascinating to see the overlap between my advocacy work and schoolwork. I soon reached out to professors and lawyers to research whether the field of law was a place in which I could see myself. The more I looked into it, the more I realized it was a career that met my professional goals and personal values. After that, it was just studying for the LSAT, taking it, doing some serious soul-searching to write personal statements, and sending in applications. All in all, although it was a grueling process, I’m very happy with my results and decision. To anyone hoping to embark on a similar path, my advice would be to do a LOT of research and utilize the massive amount of online resources to the best of your abilities.

Why Fordham?

I will be attending Fordham University School of Law’s three-year Juris Doctor Program this Fall. I chose Fordham for several reasons. First, Fordham Law is literally in the middle of the largest legal market in the U.S., New York City. Consequentially, it has a solid alumni network as well as great placement in various practice areas all around the city. Where one attends law school is oftentimes closely connected to where one ends up practicing. Hence, I knew I wanted to go to a law school and eventually practice in an environment I loved— a bustling, diverse metropolis— and nothing beats New York City in that regard. Fordham also provides multiple clinics (opportunities for hands-on legal involvement), which am eager to participate in as someone with no professional experience in law. Last, I chose Fordham for financial reasons. Law school is a huge investment (think $300k), and the scholarship made Fordham easy to choose.

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