Introducing Prof. Jung Kuk-Mo

Introducing Prof. Jung Kuk-Mo

Please introduce yourself. What do you teach in DIS?

I am a professor of economics in the DIS. Before I joined the DIS last year, I taught economics at Henan University in China. My research interests are in the areas of monetary economics, finance, and international economics. I am currently teaching economics and finance-related subjects in DIS.

How did you become interested in joining the DIS? Was there anything in particular that attracted you to this department?

I had a previous teaching experience in the DIS of Korea University in 2015. I really liked it. Students were quite different from those in other departments I had taught in. They were engaging and challenging. In particular, they were never afraid of arguing with professors, which you won’t find easily in typical Korean universities. Perhaps, it’s just because of their international background. Anyway, I thought I might as well apply to a DIS program in the future. Luckily, Hanyang DIS also wanted me too! So, here I am.

How does teaching in this department differ from your previous experiences?

So far, HYDIS students have really lived up to my expectation. In fact, they were better than I first expected in many aspects. I was used to teaching students majoring in economics. I don’t know why, but those students are quite reserved during lectures even though they are well equipped with quantitative techniques. However, the students in this department are not at all afraid of challenging conventional economic theories and thoughts. For an instructor, these students are really fun to teach, and it motivates me to improve my teaching skills.

Any recommendations to those who want to apply in DIS?

Although I am quite new here, I can already tell such students that they would enjoy a unique and caring educational experience here. It is relatively a small department compared to other social science related schools in Korea, and yet we are full of highly renowned professors with cutting-edge knowledge in their fields. Based on this expertise, we offer a truly interdisciplinary program and collegial atmosphere. These features will surely help students compete in the 4th generation industrial revolution era.

Any advice to current DIS students?

Be yourself and always think the unthinkable. I am already very happy with the way students here study and participate in my classes. But I am sure they can get easily discouraged in the current job market. Even so, I want them to maintain their self-esteem, and never give up on whatever they think is important and interesting. I believe this is the only way for their long-term career success.

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