Hanyang Debate Society

Hanyang Debate Society

The Hanyang Debate Society (HYDS) was founded in 2004 in response to the growing interest in English-language debate in Korea. Members of HYDS are students of Division of International Studies at Hanyang University. The first team of HYDS debaters to compete in a national tournament won the Rookie Finals round in the 2004 Northeast Asian College Debate Championship. Since then the HYDS has grown considerably in size and strength and has gone on to win numerous awards at national and international debate championships. More than 30 students are now actively involved in the DIS Debate Society and, after winning three national championships, it is widely regarded as one of the strongest debate clubs in Korea. In 2009, the HYDS was ranked first in the nation according to the rankings of the Korea Intervarsity Debate Association. The HYDS has hosted of many high school and university level tournaments and continues to contribute to the development of English-language debate in Korea.

Awards and Activities

The awards and activities of the HY DIS include the following:

2019 Japan ICUT

  • 5th Best Speaker: Sam Seulchan Yun
  • Quarter Finalist: Daniel Jang, Sam Seulchan Yun
  • Adjudicators: Do Young Kim, Joon Yong Choe, Yeonseo Kim Sebin An
  • 10th Best Adjudicator: Yeonseo Kim
  • Breaking Adjudicators: Yeonseo Kim Sebin An

2018 Fall EDIS KNC

  • 2nd Best Rookie Speaker, Rookie Grand Finalists & Grand Champions, 2nd & 3rd Best Adjudicator
  • Debaters: 7
  • Harry Yuseong Choi, Soo-Rim Lee, Nebraska Mae,
  • Audrey Warters, Sebin An, Hong Jin An, Youjoo Lee

2018 Guangzhou NEAO

  • 1st Best Adjudicator: Daniel Jang
  • Adjudicators: Joon Yong Choe, Do Young Kim
  • Debaters: Sarah Lee, Yeonseo Kim, Hong Jin An, Sebin An, Harry Yuseong Choi,
  • Soo-Rim Lee, Myung-In Chung, Da-Eun Park

2018 Fall SRT

  • 7th Best Speaker, Grand Finalists, Quarter Finalists, 2nd and 10th Best Adjudicator
  • Debaters: Sarah Lee, Jiin Lim, Myung-In Chung, Da-Eun Park
  • 7th Best Speaker: Kike Marchán Domenech
  • Grand Finalists:
  • HYDS 1 (Kike Marchán Domenech, Hong Jin An)
  • Quarter Finalists:
  • HYDS 4 (Peter Song, John Song)
  • HYDS 5 (Dulce Rivera, Ezza Naveed)
  • Adjudicators: Joon Yong Choe
  • 2nd Best Adjudicator: Daniel Jang
  • 10th Best Adjudicator: Nebraska Mae
  • Breaking Judges: Youjoo Lee, Sebin An, Sung H. Moon, Jisung Jang, Nebraska Grayson

2018 Spring Sogang Rookie Tournament

  • Octo-Finalists, 10th Best Speaker, 7th Best Adjudicator

2018 HYDSxKNC (Host-school!!)

  • Chief Adjudicator, 2nd Best Adjudicator, 3rd Best Rookie Speaker


  • Grand Finalist, 3rd Best Speaker, 3rd Best Adjudicator

2018 KIDA Open

  • Breaking Adjudicators: Jung Su Park, In-Wook Park
  • Invited Adjudicators: Sung H. Moon, Jung Su Park
  • Debaters: Sam Seulchan Yun, Sarah Lee, In-Wook Park (Swing)
  • Adjudicators: Sung Hyun Moon, In-Wook Park, Jung Su Park, Yeonseo Kim
  • Deputy Chief Adjudicator, Pre-Semi Finalists

2017 Solbridge NEAO

  • Semi-Finalists, 1st & 5th Best Speaker
  • Semi-finalists (HYDS 1): Sung Hyun Moon, Seulchan Yun
  • 1st best speaker: Sung Hyun Moon
  • 5th best speaker: Seulchan Yun
  • Debaters: Sung Hyun Moon, Seulchan Yun, Yeonseo Kim, Sarah Lee
  • Adjudicators: Jung Su Park

2017 Fall SNUDAxKNC

  • Quarter Finalists, Breaking Adjudicator

2016 CUDS Open

  • Yu-seong Choi (breaking adjudicator)

2016 Spring SRT (Sogang Rookie Tournament)

  • 10 Participants
    • Min-jeong Lee, San-ha Lee, Dong-kyun Koh
    • Jung-su Park, Wan-hu Lee, Kyu-yeoul Shim (9th best speaker)
    • In-wook Park, Jin-woo Kim, Hye-ji Jang
    • Yu-seong Choi (7th best adjudicator)

2016 Spring HDS-KNC (Hanguk Debate Society-Kyeonghee Debate Society)

  • 12 Participants
    • Min-jeong Lee, San-ha Lee, Dong-kyun Koh
    • Jung-su Park, Wan-hu Lee, Kyu-yeol Kim
    • In-wook Park, Seung-hyun Jung, Hye-ji Jang
    • Adjudicators: Seul-chan Yun (Breaking adjudicator), Moon-sun Choi, Ji-yeon Kim

2016 Summer ADI (Asian Debate Institute)

  • 2 Participants (1 team)
    • San-ha Lee (7th best speaker) & Moon-sun Choi (Grand-Finalist)

2016 HYDS-YUU Open (Hanyang Debate Society- Yonsei Underwood Debate Society)

  • 6 Participants
    • Byeong-cheol Lee & Moon-sun Choi (Semi-Finalist)
    • San-ha Lee & Jung-su Park
    • Seul-chan Yun (CAP)
    • Sung-hyun Moon (Convener)

2016 KIDA Open (Korea Intervarsity Debate Association)

  • 7 Participants
    • Seul-chan Yun (Semi-Finalist as Dr. Pepper 2.0)
    • Dong-kyun Koh & Moon-sun Choi (as Room 251)
    • Adjudicators: Byeong-cheol (4th best adjudicator), Jung-su Park, You-joo Lee, Ye-jin Kim

2016 KWDO (Korea Women’s Debate Open)

  • 3 Participants
    • Ye-jin Kim & Hye-ji Jang
    • Adjudicator: Moon-sun Choi

2016 Fall SRT (Sogang Rookie Tournament)

  • 6 Participants (1 team, 4 judges)
    • You-joo Lee (5th best speaker) & Ye-jin Kim (Quarter-Finalist)
    • Adjudicators: Seul-chan Yun (DCA), Seung-hyun Jung (4th best adjudicator), Jung-su Park, In-wook Park

2016 Fall YUU-KNC (19th) (Yonsei Underwood Debate Society-KIDA National Championship)

  • 13 Participants (4 teams, 5 judges)
    • Seul-chan Yun & Hye-ji Jang (Semi-Finalist)
    • Ha-won Han (8th best speaker) & Eun-su Kim (3rd best speaker) (Semi-Finalist)
    • Jung-su Park & Sung-hyun Moon
    • In-wook Park & Byeong-Cheol Lee
    • Adjudicators: Seung-hyun Jung (Breaking adjudicator), Yu-seong Choi (Breaking adjudicator), Marta Fernandez de Cordoba, Min-jeong Lee, You-joo Lee

2016 TOKYO NEAO (8 Participants)

  • 8 Participants (3 teams, 2 judges)
    • Seul-chan Yun (2nd best speaker) & Hye-ji Jang (1st breaking team, Semi-Finalist)
    • Sung-hyun Moon & Jung-su Park (Quarter-Finalist)
    • Byeong-cheol Lee & Moon-sun Choi
    • Adjudicators: Seung-hyun Jung, In-wook Park

2014 China British Parliamentary

  • Best speaker: Abhisheka Dubey
  • Quarter-finalist: Abhisheka Dubey

2014 KIDA IV

  • Breaking adjudicator: Minsun Hong, Abhisheka DubeyB
  • best adjudicator: Minsun Hong
  • Invited adjudicator: Abhisheka Dubey
  • Best adjudicator: Minsun Hong

2014 Sogang BP

  • Best speaker: Gihun Kim


  • Semi-Finalists: Seyoung Lee, Abhisheka Dubey
  • Best speaker: Abhisheka Dubey

2014 Spring KIDA National Championships

  • Breaking adjudicator: Eyeol Yoo, Seyoung Lee
  • Best adjudicator: Seyoung Lee
  • Champion (undefeated): Hawon Han, Chunwoo Kim, Abhisheka Dubey
  • Best speaker: Hawon Han
  • 1st Best speaker: Abhisheka Dubey
  • Best rookie speaker: Byeongcheol Lee
  • Best rookie speaker: Hyomin Lee

2014 Winter KIDA National Championships

  • Breaking adjudicator: Abhisheka Dubey
  • Best adjudicator: Abhisheka Dubey

2014 Winter ADI

  • Semi-Finalist: Gihun Kim, Seulchan Yun

2013 NEAO

  • Grand Finals Adjudicator: Seulchan Yun

2013 Sogang IV

  • Best Speaker: Abhisheka Dubey

2013 Sogang BP Tournament

  • Grand Finalist: Gihun Kim, Abhisheka Dubey

2013 Spring KIDA National Championships

  • Deputy Chief Adjudicator: Dongkyu Lim
  • Grand Finals Adjudicator: Junyeong Park
  • Breaking Adjudicator: Yoojung Kim
  • Rookie Quarter Finalist: Jaeyoon Nam, Yoona Hong, Changhyun Lee
  • Octo-Finalist: Wonmo Lee, Minsun Hong, Jihyeon Lee
  • Quarter Finalist: Geonsub Shin, Chansong Kim, Joohyun Lee,Seekyoung Kim, Hawon Han, Seiwon Kwon

2012 Kyunghee University, Northeast Asians Open

  • Semi-Finalist (Ji Hyun Lee, Minsun Hong)

 2012 Hong Kong University, Hong Kong Debate Open

  • Quarter Finalist (Gun Seob Shin)

 2012 Solbridge International Business School, 11thl KIDA National Championship

  • Grand Finalist (See Kyeong Kim, Gun Seob Shin)
  • Rookie Semi-Finalist (Jung-Eun Kim, Abhisheka Dubey)
  • Rookie Best Speaker (Abhisheka Dubey)
  • Rookie 3rd Best Speaker Award Jung-Eun Kim
  • 8th Best Adjudicator Award (Minsun Hong)

 2012 Gwangju Youth English Debate Championship

  • 2nd Best Adjudicator
  • 10th Breaking Adjudicator

 2012 Seogang University, British Parliament Tournament

  • Champion
  • Semi-Finalist

 2012 YTN-HUFS Youth English Debating Championship

  • 3 Grand Final Adjudicator
  • 5 Breaking Adjudicators

 2012 Ewha Womens University, Spring KIDA National Championship

  • Quarter-finalist
  • Semi-Final Adjudicator
  • Deputy Chief Adjudicator

 2012 Seogang University, Rookie Tournament

  • Champion

2011 Taiwan NorthEast Asian Open

  • Quarter Finalist (Kim See Kyeong, Park Seung Joon)

2011 Hanyang University, KIDA National Championship

  • Semi Finalist (Kim See Kyeong, Park Seung Joon)
  • Semi Finalist (Lim Dong Kyu, Shin Geon-sub)
  • Speaker Award (Shin Geon-sub, Park Seung Joon)

2009 Korean Intervarsity Debate Association (KIDA) Rankings

  • 1st Place (Hanyang University DIS Debate Society)

2009 Kyunghee University, KIDA National Championships

  • Grand Champions (Kang Jae-Hyun, Lee Kang-Eun, Choi Wan-Joo)
  • Quarter Finalists (Chang Mi, Kim Sun-Kyung, Park Hae-In)
  • 3rd Place Speaker Award (Chang Mi)
  • 2nd Place Adjudicator Award (Kim Min-Hyuk)
  • 3rd Place Adjudicator Award (Lee Young-Jin)
  • Breaking Adjudicators (Lee Ye-Won, Han Jun-Woo)

2009 Chungang University, Korea High Schools Debate Championships

  • Deputy Chief Adjudicator (Chun Junsub)

2008 Arirang TV, Face to Face

  • Adjudication Panelist (Cho Hyung-Gyu)

2008 Yonsei University, KIDA National Championships

  • Semi Finalists (Lee Ji-Hoon, Lee Won-Mo, Chun Junsub)
  • Rookie Champions (Goh Wan-Gyu, Park Ji-Hye, Kim Min-Ji)
  • 5th Place Speaker Award (Chun Junsub)
  • 10th Place Speaker Award (Lee Ji-Hoon)
  • Deputy Chief Adjudicator (Han Hye-Won)
  • Finals Adjudicator (Kim Min-Hyuk, Han Hye-Won)

2008 Korea Development Institute, Asian Debate Institute

  • 6th Place Speaker Award (Lee Woo-Seok)

2008 Kyunghee University, Mini Tournament

  • Finalists (Ahn Tae-Gwan, Lee Kang-Eun, Chang Mi)
  • 3rd Place Speaker Award (Chang Mi)

2008 Nihon University, Northeast Asian Open

  • Quarter Finalists (Lee Woo-Seok, Kang Jae-Hyun, Kim Sun-Kyung)
  • Finals Adjudicator (Chang Mi)
  • Breaking Adjudicators (Chang Mi, Kim Min-Hyuk)

2008 Ehwa Woman’s University, KIDA National Championships

  • Quarter Finalists (Chang Mi, Lee Hyung-Suk, Park Hye-In)
  • Rookie 1st Place Speaker Award (Chang Mi)
  • Finals Adjudicator (Ahn Tae-Gwan)

2008 Chungang University, IDEA Debate Tournament

  • Finalists (Lee Ji-Hoon, Lee Ji-Soo, Seo Seong-Min)
  • Breaking Adjudicators (Chun Junsub, Choi Hye-Seung, Choi Hong-Chan)

2008, Hanguk Academy of Foreign Studies, Korea High School Debate Championships

  • Deputy Chief Adjudicator (Cho Hyung-Gyu)

2007 Assumption University, World Universities Debating Championships

  • ESL Break (Lee Ji-Hoon, Lee Won-Mo)

2007 Gangnam District Office, Young Challenger Forum

  • Finalists (Cho Hyung-Gyu, Park Sumi)
  • Semi Finalists (Chun Junsub)
  • 10th Place Speaker Awards (Lee Ji-Hoon, Lee Ji-Soo)

2007 Incheon University, Northeast Asian Open

  • Quarter Finalists (Cho Hyung-Gyu, Yoo Ji-Eun, Kim Hyun-Jin)
  • Quarter Finalists (Park Sumi, Seo Seong-Min, Hwang Gu-Hyun)
  • Quarter Finalists (Lee Ji-Hoon, Choi Hye-Seung, Choi Hong-Chan)
  • 7th Place Speaker Award (Cho Hyung-Gyu)

2007 English Speaking Union Debate Championships

  • Finalist (Cho Hyung-Gyu, Park Sumi, Lee Ji-Hoon)
  • Semi Finalists (Lee Ji-Soo, Chun Junsub, Lee Won-Mo)
  • Breaking Adjudicators (Choi Hye-Seung, Choi Hong-Chan)

2007 Kyunghee University, KIDA National Championships

  • Champions (Cho Hyung-Gyu, Park Sumi, Chun Junsub)
  • Semi Finalists (Lee Ji-Hoon, Lee Won-Mo, Lee Ji-Soo)
  • Breaking Adjudicators (Yoo Ji-Eun)

2007 Korea Development Institute, Asia Debate Institute

  • Finalists (Ahn Tae-Gwan, Lee Ji-Hoon)
  • 2nd Place Speaker Awards (Lee Ji-Hoon)

2007 Paju English Village, All Asian’s Debate Championships

  • Octo Finalists (Park Sumi, Lee Ji-Soo, Lee Ji-Hoon)
  • Breaking Adjudicators (Cho Hyung-Gyu)

2007 Hanyang University, Korea Intervarsity Debate Championships

  • Champions (Cho Hyung-Gyu, Park Sumi, Han Hye-Won)
  • Quarter Finalists (Lee Jin-Kyung, Chun Junsub, Chang Se-Hyun)
  • Quarter Finalists (Lee Ji-Hoon, Seo Seong-Min, Lee Won-Mo)
  • Rookie Champions (Kim Dong-Hwa, Lee Ji-Soo, Kim Hyun-Jin)
  • 3rd Place Speaker Award (Han Hye-Won)
  • 10th Place Speaker Award (Lee Ji-Hoon)

2007 Ehwa Woman’s University, Rookie Mini Tournament

  • Finalists (Lee Ji-Hoon, Seo Seong-Min, Lee Won-Mo)

2006 Korea University, Northeast Asian Open

  • Quarter Finalists (Kim Hyo-Sun, Jeong Seong-Keun, Chang Se-Hyun)
  • 5th Place Speaker Award (Chun Junsub, Park Sumi)
  • 9th Place Speaker Award (Chang Se-Hyun)
  • Breaking Adjudicator (Cho Hyung-Gyu)

2006 Incheon University, Mini Tournament

  • Champions (Yang Se-Woong, Park Sumi, Han Hye-Won)

2006 Paju English Village, Young Challenger Forum

  • Quarter Finalists (Kim Seung-Wook, Lee Jin-Kyung, Chun Junsub)
  • Finals Adjudicators (Cho Hyung-Gyu, Jung Ho-Hyuk)

2006 University of the Philippines, Asian Universities Debate Championships

  • ESL Finalists (Kim Hyo-Sun, Kim Seung-Wook, Chun Junsub)

2005 Ehwa Woman’s University, Korea Intervarsity Debate Championships

  • Rookie Finalists (Lee Jin-Kyung, Son Jun-Il, Jung Ho-Hyuk)

2004 Kyunghee University, Northeast Asian Open

  • Rookie Champions (Don Ho, Han Hye-Won, Yang Se-Woong)
  • Best Rookie Speaker Award (Don)